Top 5 Beauty Deals of the Week (February 4th - February 11th)
Posted by Denise in Freebies,Womens Stuff
In a new weekly feature here at, we're going to be recapping the top 5 beauty (preferably freebie) deals that we've posted here in the previous week. Not only will such a feature be useful for those of you who weren't able to visit us each and every day during the past week (how dare you!), but I mean, who doesn't love numbered lists? That's right. No one. Because everybody loves them some numbered lists.

Anywho and without further ado, here are the Top 5 beauty deals we've every-so-kindly posted here for you this past week (February 4th - February 11th):

>> 5. Calling All Old Folk: Poligrip Strong Hold Free Samples

FreePoligripStrongHoldSamples"While we tend to focus a lot more on beauty and skincare kinds of deals/freebies here at most of the time, this certainly doesn’t mean we aim to please all of our readers regardless of their particular demographic. So for all of our older fans out there with dentures or who’ve been thinking about switching it up to a different denture grip product, this deal my sage old friends is for you!

"That’s right — arguably the biggest name in denture holding gel game today, Poligrip, is currently offering free samples of their much sought after Strong Hold line of products. A strong hold, indeed!"


>> 4. Got Milk A Free Sample of Calcia Calcium & D?

FreeSampleofCalciaCalcium"Why yes, yes we do!

"Hopefully you’re well aware of the importance of having adequate amounts of calcium in your diet. Especially if you’re a woman. But what’s a lass from the frozen north to do if they don’t like, say… milk? Well, you check out the Calcia Calcium & Vitamin D supplement via the free sample we’ve so kindly provided for you below. Mainly in order to discover just how fantastic and beneficial it really is before going out and spending actual money on it. (You’re welcome!)"


>> 3. Try Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations For Free? Gladly!

FreeLeanCuisineFreshInspirations"Unlike other frozen microwavable “healthy” meals, that for the moment shall remain unnamed, Lean Cuisine has always been known for being pretty tasty. In a spirited new direction for the company, they’re now introducing a new fresher version of their meals, aptly titled, Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations. And you can try one out for yourself completely free. Yippee!"


>> 2. Breathe Easy With Free Breathe Right Samples!

FreeBreatheRightSamples"We’re kicking off today’s deals for you in style, though, with free Breathe Right samples for you all. Or actually, they’re not very stylish at all, but these aren’t the kind of things that you go and wear out in public. They’re best enjoyed in the comforts and privacy of your own home. Which you’ll be able to smell and breathe in better than ever with these bad boys. Enjoy!"


>> 1. Free Dior Show Mascara Samples Courtesy of The Bay

FreeDiorShowMascaraSample"Got some old mascara you don’t really use anymore? Or that’s been so long forgotten it actually rolled off the sink and down below and behind your toilet? Well you, my beautiful friend, are in luck! Because from now until February 12th you can bring in any old mascara you have lying around into the Dior counter at your local The Bay and you’ll not only receive the aforementioned sample of Dior Show mascara, but you’ll also score a free lash consultation as well. Score!"