Top 5 Beauty Deals of the Week (February 18th – February 25th)
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In a new weekly feature here at, we’re going to be recapping the top 5 beauty (preferably freebie) deals that we’ve posted here in the previous week. Not only will such a feature be useful for those of you who weren’t able to visit us each and every day during the past week (how dare you!), but I mean, who doesn’t love numbered lists? That’s right. No one. Because everybody loves them some numbered lists.

Anywho and without further ado, here are the Top 5 beauty deals we’ve every-so-kindly posted here for you this past week (February 18th – February 25th):

>> Enter to Win 1 of 600 Full Sized Loreal Precious Oils!

LorealContest"Naturally, if I told you that you could enter to win a contest to win one of 600 full-sized Loreal Precious Oils, you’d think there was some kind of long, arduous process involved, yes? Well, thankfully for you, there isn’t!

"All you need to do is enter your personal information, answer a few question about Loreal products and you’ll instantly see if you’re a winner. But you better hurry, because said winners are being chosen very quickly. Good luck!"



>> I’m Lovin’ It: Free McDonalds Coffee February 25th – March 3rd

McDonaldsFreeCoffee"True, it’s still a few days away before you can wake up and smell of the advantage of this freebie, but come on. Free McDonalds coffee for not just one but for seven straight days? Exactly! And don’t worry, just in case your memory is completely awful like mine is, we’ll post a reminder of this deal on the eve of the 25th. Oh, thank you, thank you, but we  already know that we’re very nice!"


>> Live in Ontario and Want a Free MegaDice Lotto Ticket?

FreeMegadiceLottoCoupon"The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp are giving away free play coupons for MegaDice Lotto to any interested Ontario residents. Ignoring the fact that this is basically a ploy to get people hooked and continuously playing lottery habitually in the future, this is a pretty cool and unique deal. Not to mention one you should definitely not miss out on considering how much money you could conceivably win!"


>> There Ain’t No Sanitizer Like An Organic Sanitizer Cause An Organic Sanitizer Helps Stop The Bacteria Party!

FreeOrganicHandSanitizer"I really hope most some of you will get the song reference I tried to be funny and witty with in the title. I’m not completely nuts, I swear!

"Anywho, this particular freebie is one that’s definitely useful but also… intriguing. In a mysterious way. And albeit out of the most completely random front/parent companies that you could ever imagine: Solar Energy Pittsburgh. Yeah, it’s an American company who installs solar panels into houses and businesses. And stuff. So there’s that, I guess?

"But alas, while certainly interesting, none of this is truly important. What is important is that this Solar Energy Pittsburgh is currently offering some free organic hand sanitizer by simply filling out a short form on their homepage. And since we’re all in Canada, we won’t have to worry about them spamming us on the phone and via e-mail asking us if we want to install solar panels. And that’s always a good thing!"


>> Free Copy of Entertaining The Costco Way E-Book!

FreeEntertainingTheCostcoWayEbook"Hot on the heels of the free Costco Home Cooking e-book we revealed to you all last week, we’ve got yet another free recipe collection courtesy of Costco yet again. This time, the recipe e-book consists of quick, easy and delicious recipes and other tips for having people over your house for breakfast, lunch, dinner — you name it. Just like with the other recipe collection, if you can get past the fact that this is from Costco, it really is a solid and useful collection of tasty recipes. And you certainly can’t beat the price — it’s FREE!"


Until next week!