Top 5 Beauty Deals of the Week (February 11th – February 18th)
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In a new weekly feature here at, we’re going to be recapping the top 5 beauty (preferably freebie) deals that we’ve posted here in the previous week. Not only will such a feature be useful for those of you who weren’t able to visit us each and every day during the past week (how dare you!), but I mean, who doesn’t love numbered lists? That’s right. No one. Because everybody loves them some numbered lists.

Anywho and without further ado, here are the Top 5 beauty deals we’ve every-so-kindly posted here for you this past week (February 11th - February 18th):

>> Have You Requested Your Free Perfume Sample From Escada Fragrances Yet?

EscadaIllusionaryArtistry"Well obviously you're in the right place if so. Because that's just what we do around here at We make it rain women's deals and freebies like nobody else. It is known.

"In all seriousness, there's no doubt that you're already well aware of Escada being one of the premier and well-respected names in the health and beauty space. So when a company of such repute comes along and offers free samples of their superb plateau of products... well you just go ahead and roll with the fact you're getting something so great for no money at all. Enjoy!"


>> Get Your Free Mario Badescu Samples While They Last!

MarioBadescuFreeSkinCareSamples"Ready to shamelessly like some more Facebook pages in exchange for getting some free beauty and skin care swag? Excellent, because we've got another one of these bad boys to kickstart our Thursday here at

"You know the drill by now. Simply head on over to the link below, like the page that you're forwarded to and follow the on-page instructions to get your free Mario Badescu skin care samples. It's as easy as pie -- just not as delicious!"


>> Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Sample (Whoop, Whoop!)

FreeSampleNeilMedSinusRinse"It's certainly no secret, but living in Canada during the winter -- whether you're a man or a woman -- is most certainly conducive to many a bout of sniffles throughout the season. Heck, even during the spring you're subject to the sniffles but that's more allergies and pollen and all that gross stuff that makes us all grouchy for a few days here in there in the warmer weather.

"So what if I told you that you could get a sample of the acclaimed NeilMed Sinus Rinse product absolutely free? Would you immediately stop reading and go ensure you get your sample as soon as possible? Of course you would. So... here you go!"


>> Free Games Alert: Infinity Blade for the iPhone/iPad!

InfinityBladeFreeDownload"If you have an iPhone or iPad and not only like free games but like them even better when they're actually good, well then you're in luck, my friend, because Infinity Blade is for you. It's fast-paced, it's frantic and it's got great gameplay mixed with an exceptional story. You really couldn't ask for more.

"We're not entirely sure how long it's going to be free on the iStore, though, so don't delay and get this amazing free game download while you still can!"


>> Free Riversol Skin Care Sample

FreeRiversolSample"If you've got either sensitive skin or rosacea then you've probably heard of Riversol skin care products -- mainly because they're committed to helping those with such afflictions with their skin care products specifically. If you haven't or even just know someone afflicted with either of the two ailments then make their (or your) day by scoring them a free Riversol skin care sample via the link below.

"Disclaimer: A survey must first be taken and completed to qualify for a free sample. It's short, though -- we promise!"