There Ain't No Sanitizer Like An Organic Sanitizer Cause An Organic Sanitizer Helps Stop The Bacteria Party!
Posted by Denise in Freebies,Womens Stuff
I really hope most some of you will get the song reference I tried to be funny and witty with in the title. I'm not completely nuts, I swear!

Anywho, this particular freebie is one that's definitely useful but also... intriguing. In a mysterious way. And albeit out of the most completely random front/parent companies that you could ever imagine: Solar Energy Pittsburgh. Yeah, it's an American company who installs solar panels into houses and businesses. And stuff. So there's that, I guess?

But alas, while certainly interesting, none of this is truly important. What is important is that this Solar Energy Pittsburgh is currently offering some free organic hand sanitizer by simply filling out a short form on their homepage. And since we're all in Canada, we won't have to worry about them spamming us on the phone and via e-mail asking us if we want to install solar panels. And that's always a good thing!