The Alkaline Diet - What Can You Eat?
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
What can you eat on the alkaline diet? This is probably the single most common question about the alkaline diet. It makes sense, doesn't it? After all, the only difference between the alkaline diet and, say, the Atkins diet or the Pritikin diet is which foods you are encouraged to eat, and which ones you aren't.

The best foods to eat on the alkaline diet are fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only are these foods highly alkalizing, but they have many other benefits as well. They are great for losing and maintaining a healthy weight, because they're high in fiber but low in calories. This is one of the big reasons that the alkaline diet can help people to lose weight. Fresh produce is also richer in vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients than any other type of food.

Other alkalizing foods include certain whole grains, nuts, and seeds. These foods are also included on the alkaline diet, but moderation needs to be exercised, especially with the nuts and seeds, which are high in fat and calories.

At the other end of the spectrum, acidifying foods include meat, dairy products, processed grains, sugar, coffee, and alcohol, along with some nuts and seeds, and even a few fruits and vegetables. However, the outgoing diet does not require you to eliminate all of these foods from your diet. Instead, I recommend that you distinguish between acidifying foods that are still relatively healthy, and those that are thoroughly harmful. The ones that have some redeeming qualities can still be part of your alkaline diet, you just need to eat them in moderation. On the other hand, junk foods should be eliminated or eaten as a very occasional treat if you are to see experience the true benefits of the alkaline diet.