The Alkaline Diet Plan: Four Common Myths
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
The alkaline diet plan has numerous benefits. However, many people miss out on these advantages because they believe that this nutritional approach is more difficult and extreme than it actually is. In this article, I debunk four common myths about the alkaline diet.

Myth #1: The Alkaline Diet Plan Is Too Complicated

It is true that the details of the alkaline diet can be somewhat complicated. But you don't need to memorize every acid and alkaline food to get the benefits of this diet. Instead, focus on the big picture by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, while reducing your consumption of meat, dairy, junk food, and soft drinks.

Myth #2: The Alkaline Diet Plan Requires You to Give Up All Acid-Forming Foods

In reality, it would not be practical or even desirable to eliminate all acid-forming foods from your diet. Some acidifying foods are junk, but this isn't always true. For example, beans, peas, fish, and tomatoes all provide valuable nutrients that can be hard to find elsewhere. On the alkaline diet, a fifth to a third of the foods you eat can be acidifying.

Myth #3: The Alkaline Diet Forces You to Eat Only Boring Food

Depending on how you currently eat, you may need to make some pretty significant changes to alkalize your diet. For example, if you eat bacon for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and lasagna for dinner, you will have to work to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. However, this doesn't mean that flavor is off the menu. It simply means that you will need to learn how to prepare tasty meals from alkalizing ingredients like fresh produce, whole grains, and nuts and seeds.

Myth #4: The Alkaline Diet Forces You to Become a Vegan

It's true that most people will need to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, since these foods tend to make the body more acidic. However, this does not mean that you must give up animal foods altogether. On this diet, the goal isn't to eliminate all acid-forming foods. Instead, the important thing is to achieve a proper balance between acidifying and alkalizing elements.


As you can see, the alkaline diet plan does not have to be terribly complicated. Nor does it require you to give up all animal products, or to eat only alkaline foods. Rather than aiming for perfection, try to make a significant improvement in how you eat, and you'll reap the rewards.