The Alkaline Diet - Natural Osteoporosis Prevention
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
Does the alkaline diet help prevent osteoporosis? Many claims have been made for the alkaline diet, but not all of them are supported by sound scientific research. Osteoporosis is different. Several studies have supported the claim that an acidifying diet promotes osteoporosis, and that conversely, an alkaline diet can help to prevent this devastating condition. In addition, there is a good commonsense explanation for these findings.

Your body treats overacidity as an emergency. It responds by using some of the minerals that you get from food and water to neutralize the excess acid before it can damage your organs and tissues. But if you are not following the alkaline diet, you probably aren't getting enough minerals to neutralize the excess acid. So your body starts breaking down your bones to extract minerals. If you usually eat an alkaline diet, your body will be able to restore the minerals that have been lost. But if you eat the standard American diet, this process of bone degradation can go on for years, ultimately resulting in significant bone loss and increased risk of a fracture.

When you follow the alkaline diet, you are doing two things to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. First, you are reducing your body's need for alkaline minerals, because you aren't generating as much acid in the first place. These minerals can be used to build healthy bones and to perform their many other valuable functions, rather than being used to buffer acid and then excreted in your urine.

Second, because the alkaline diet is rich in alkaline minerals, by following this diet you are making more of these valuable elements available for all the things your body uses them for. I hope this article has made it a little clearer precisely why the alkaline diet can help prevent osteoporosis.