The Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
Are people telling the truth when they say that the alkaline diet is a good way to lose weight and keep it off? If you're like most people, you don't like diets. You're probably skeptical that the alkaline diet is different than any other diet. A recent study showed that fewer Americans are starting diets, and who can blame them? After years of hype about one "miracle" diet after the other, Americans are fatter than they've ever been before.

But if dieting is a waste of time, how can I still be optimistic about the alkaline diet? Well, to begin with, weight loss isn't the only reason to try an alkaline diet. Most people who adopt the alkaline diet are not motivated by a desire to lose weight. Instead, they want to overcome chronic health problems and regain their youthful energy. They understand that food is more powerful than any drug. Therefore, what they choose to put into their mouths can have a profound effect on their health.

Okay, so the alkaline diet is great for overall health. But what if you really do want to lose weight? Can the alkaline diet help? Or should you resign yourself to being overweight for the rest of your life?

To answer that question, I want to remind you that there are two definitions of the word "diet." These days, people tend to go on a diet because they're motivated by a short-term goal. They often have an unrealistic deadline, such as starting a diet in May with the goal of losing 25 pounds by beach season. And they require such extreme sacrifices that you can't safely follow them for more than a few months at a time.

In contrast, there is an older definition in which "diet" refers to your way of life. It's how you eat on a regular basis. In this sense, fast food and candy bars are a "diet," even though people aren't likely to lose weight on a regimen of Coke and Snickers bars! You can change the way you eat, but you won't accomplish anything if you're following a fad diet for a few weeks. Instead, ask yourself what dietary changes you would be willing to adhere to for the rest of your life.

If you stick with the alkaline diet, weight loss is a common outcome. More importantly, you will enjoy more health and vitality. And if you think that to alkalize your body will require you to stint on flavor, think again. You can still enjoy plenty of delicious foods while following an alkaline diet.