Stuff We Love: Sweatproof Sunscreen
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
Ouch, by Dyanna

Most of us have (ahem) been burned before: maybe we've held a garage sale, attended a nephew's outdoor graduation, or stepped out to pull some weeds "just for a few minutes," only to feel the burn a few hours later. If you're me, you went kayaking for the first time, dutifully applying sunscreen to your face, shoulders, arms, and chest but forgetting your capri-pants-clad shins, (wrongly) assuming they'd be covered. Nobody knows better than me that mistakes happen, but this particular error is easily--and thankfully--preventable. Rising temps and increased hours of daylight here in the U.S. mean the need for sunscreen is also increasing. The good news is that sunscreen products are appearing--often on sale--in anticipation of the pool openings and barbecues that are common during Memorial Day weekend.

Wearing sunscreen is about more than simply avoiding pain or, if you're like me, sandal and t-shirt tan lines; it can help prevent signs of aging and even skin cancer (check out these skin cancer prevention tips from the Centers for Disease Control). Because I'm both an outdoorsy sweaty Betty and the proud owner of annual family pool passes, I prefer sunscreens that can protect me during a variety of activities. I prefer sweat- and waterproof, sports-oriented brands, which in my experience tend to have more staying power, and I'm careful to reapply as directed on the label. The "Ultra Sweatproof" claim on Coppertone Sport Breathable Sunscreen in SPF 30 sold me last summer, and it did the job while gardening, biking, swimming, and hiking. Your mileage may vary, but I prefer lotions to sprays because I think you get more bang for your buck - which matters to us big girls with more surface area to cover and who are active outdoors in sunny weather. If you shop online, don't forget to Google "[Sunscreen Brand Name] coupon" or "[Your preferred retailer] coupon code" to scope out any specials on products and/or shipping. And if you decide to try kayaking for the first time this year, be sure to check out The Fat Girl's Guide to Kayaking - and don't forget those shins!