Stuff We Love: Summer of Dresses
Posted by Toni in Plus-Size Fashion,Stuff We Love
I used to love wearing strappy summer dresses, with sorbet-colored skirts swaying just so as I walked. Once I'd gained enough weight to make thigh rub an issue, dresses gradually fell from my wardrobe, supplanted by Capri pants and Bermuda shorts. Add to it the belly I gained and never got around to losing after having three kids, and I sort of forgot how to wear dresses and had no idea what styles fit my new shape.

A year after co-founding FGG, I know better. I can still wear cute dresses, and thankfully, more styles seem to be available in plus sizes these days. A bit of research rendered thigh rub a moot issue, and I learned to look beyond my old standby dress styles and experiment with styles that could accommodate more fullness in the belly and chest areas without making me look pregnant (notes to self: no more Empire waists! A-lines are your friend!).

With this dress-friendly motivation in place, I was excited to discover A Summer of Dresses, an idea that's as simple as it is clever: wear more dresses this summer, and post photos of yourself to the site. Anyone can participate (here's how). That's it. What's not to love about this idea?

If you need inspiration, check out these plus-sized Etsy shops or these ideas for sundresses for busty girls (we'll post our reader question on sundresses for less busty girls soon, too). I keep hearing great things about Old Navy's plus-sized dresses, which are only available online, however. No excuses, girls! I'll participate if you do; I already know which dress I'm going to wear.

Tell us, girls: do you wear summer dresses? Why--or why not? What's your favorite style for your body type, or where do you find the best deals?