Stuff We Love: So Delicious Minis
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
Image taken moments before my kids snapped them up

When a couple of my friends were diagnosed with dairy allergies and lactose intolerance, it made me think differently about how I shopped--what would I do if I couldn't just casually reach for a container of Kefir, crumbled feta cheese for my lunchtime salads, or (hold me) ice cream for special occasions? With this non-dairy dilemma in mind, I spotted these little gems in the frozen novelty section of our grocery store and decided to give them a try.

The verdict: YUM. But only if you like coconut (my husband voted no, but one non-coconut-loving kid voted yes--both said the flavor was subtle) and don't mind smaller portion sizes. I'm not a fan of the 100-calorie pack trend, not just because of the premium we pay for additional packaging both environmentally and economically, but because so many diet-oriented foods simply don't taste good. Bottom line: I'd rather have a smaller portion of something delicious--maybe even decadent--that's prepared with fresh ingredients and care than something that tastes and feels like a consolation prize. These cool treats fit that bill nicely, with the added bonus of being healthier than ice cream.

So Delicious does make vanilla sandwiches made with soy milk (including full-sized), but in my opinion they're not as flavorful. I haven't tried the Neapolitan variety, but they look fun (let us know if you have and what you think!). For those avoiding dairy and soy, Turtle Mountain also makes a So Delicious coconut milk yogurt (on my "to try" list) and even Kefir (also on that list). It's exciting to see options like this out there for those of us who either can't have or want to scale back on dairy products for a more varied diet.

Girls, tell us: have you found any delicious work-arounds for your dietary restrictions? Tell us about them in the comments section.