Stuff We Love: Skinny Emmie
Posted by Tee in Health + Beauty,Loving Our Bodies,Stuff We Love
Hey, we've stuck pretty tightly to our promise to leave weight loss out of FGG content, and focus instead on living a good life right now no matter where you are on the scale (or where you want to be). After all, the blogosphere is stocked full of weight loss-related blogs, men and women struggling to lose it, tame it, make peace with it, or otherwise deal with/manage/handle/understand it in as many different ways as there are bloggers.

But every now and then we come across a site that stands out, that inspires us with its bravery and compelling content, whether we're on the same road or not. And that's exactly how we feel about Skinny Emmie -- the fantastic blog of a beautiful, intelligent and very genuine woman in Lexington, Kentucky who's working hard to get in shape (and succeeding) through the healthy, natural process of eating smart and moving her body. Along the way, she shares the incredibly personal road blocks, frustrations, questions, excitement and victories as they come.

One of my favorite parts of Emmie's site are her videos, which are so raw and personal and exploratory it's easy to get caught up and keep finding more in the archives to watch. We'll be going along with Emmie on her wild ride to fitness, and we think many of you will enjoy it too!

Check her out.