Stuff We Love: Oregon Chai
Posted by Tee in Stuff We Love

I was introduced to chai - a spiced tea most commonly from India - in my early 20s when I worked at a little bookstore and a few regulars would always come in with their hands still wrapped around a travel mug of steamy, fragrant tea. After being nosy and asking them what was in the cup (it smelled SO good!), I finally went out and picked some up for myself. I've been hooked for almost 20 years.

As far as I'm concerned, it's hard to go wrong with chai (Tazo is another favorite), but Oregon Chai is on my A-list because it comes in a "slightly sweet" option with just 7 grams of sugar vs. the original recipe's 25 grams, which I find too sweet. And the caffeine in Oregon chais is about 1/3 that of a regular cup of coffee. I also love them because they come in powdered packets that are easy to keep in your bag or in your glove compartment. On more than one chilly road trip I've run into a gas station for a cup of hot water, come out and had instant spiced tea to enjoy. Awesome for camping weekends, too, because it's easy to pack and add to an over-the-fire pan of water.