Stuff We Love: Lazy Summer Days
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
Enjoying a first: lounging and reading at the pool

On the first day of summer, the solstice marking the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, I'd like to talk about laziness. Not the unproductive sloth that gets us into trouble, but some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Are you getting enough? I know I'm usually not, but this summer, my annual pool passes became golden tickets to be lazy on a weekly basis.

For years, I've gazed longingly through kid-made tidal waves at the women lounging poolside, napping or reading. Meanwhile, my boys required constant supervision, reassurance and modeling that hey, this putting our faces in the water deal isn't so bad after all. But this is my year: not only did I purchase an adorable tankini on sale based on Angela's recommendations in our Guide to Figure-Flattering Swimwear, but my kids are old enough to splash around in the zero depth pool without my help or encouragement. This means I'm officially one of the Lounging Moms, and it feels fantastic. Sure, I still jump in to splash around with the kids, but now there is a nice balance between getting cannonballed and catching up on summer reading while visiting with my fellow Lounging Moms.

What about you, girls? Do you have an unexpected license to be lazy this summer? What's it like? And if not, how can you squeeze some lazy days into your summer?

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