Stuff We Love: Lane Bryant's Commercial
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
It's been swirling around the blogosphere since last week, but in case you haven't heard, reports emerged stating that two television networks, Fox and ABC, refused to air Lane Bryant's new ad for Cacique lingerie. However, both networks run similarly racy Victoria's Secret ads during prime time viewing hours, leading to speculation over whether the model's size 16 bod was the reason behind the rejection. While the PR battle between Lane Bryant and the networks continues, let's focus on a different issue: how awesome this ad is. Click below to view.

Sure, the model featured in the ad, Ashley Graham, is a size 16 - really on the cusp of plus size nowadays. But considering what usually passes for the female standard on television, this might be the beginning of a shift in both media perceptions and portrayals. Setting aside whether ads of this nature objectify women, and whether this is right or wrong, showing women with curves and some meat on their bones moving about with confidence, sass, and energy promotes just the sort of self image we value here at FGG.

Since the controversy first broke, both networks have agreed to air the ad during later portions of popular prime time programming. And Lane Bryant's initial loss is now our gain, as the company is offering customers who visit 40% off Cacique lingerie. And we're excited that people are talking about what defines sexy, and whether it's related to size at all. We'd be happy with a looser association.

Readers, tell us: What do you think of these ads, especially compared to Victoria's Secret commercials? Are either or both too much of a good thing, or do they each strike the perfect note?