Stuff We Love: Land's End Yoga Pants
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
Comfortable in my own pants

I love yoga. The reasons are many: it's a low impact activity (perfect for my myriad prior injuries), practice can be adjusted to suit just about any ability level (no need to take one of those overachieving "power yoga" classes to reap its benefits) and body type (I am a master at adjusting poses to suit my ample lower belly), and it makes me feel fantastic, inside and out (I leave class feeling both relaxed and energized - unlike anything else physical I do, except maybe for sex!).

Let's face it: yoga pants are inexpensive and easy to find at just about any major retailer. Those yoga pants are just fine, and fortunately, you don't need any specialized equipment to practice yoga. But if you want comfortable, well-made, sturdy, flattering yoga pants that will last you for years, check out these beauties from Land's End. The fabric wicks away moisture from your body and prevents the growth of bacteria--distinct advantages if you're a sweaty Betty like me. They're also nicely insulated--I never feel the cold when walking to and from yoga in our freezing Illinois winters--and I just love the thickness and firm flexibility of this fabric.

The only down side to these yoga pants is the price: $48.50 for plus (IX and 2X) and tall sizes (where regular and petite pay $42.50). However, my pear-shaped, size 20-but-pushing-22-for-a-while-now bod fits into their regular XL (listed as an 18-20). Also, I only buy these on sale, and they are marked down once or twice a year--sign up for email deals on the Land's End home page (they arrive almost-daily but there are new offers all the time) and become a fan on Facebook, where unique specials sometimes pop up. Finally, check your local Land's End at Sears stores for in-store sales that aren't advertised on the web and the Land's End Outlet stores if you have one in your area (I once found the yoga pants for $28 at a Sears store).

Whatever your budget (and as a feast-or-famine freelancer, I love a good bargain), it's always a good idea to have some items that really work in your wardrobe and are built to last. If all this yoga-in-comfy-pants talk has you excited to try yoga, check out the Fat Girl's Guide to Yoga, and look for an upcoming Stuff We Love on yoga tops soon. And as always, share your fave finds in the comments section.