Stuff We Love: Jordana Quickliner
Posted by Tee in Stuff We Love
I haven't paid more than $2 to line these eyes since '07

It happened innocently enough. Wandering through the aisles of SaveMart with a list, a budget, and a pair of neglected eyelids. A few days before I had used the last little nub of my pencil eyeliner, and while I don't wear makeup anywhere else on my face, I love a nice, dramatic eye. I felt naked.

But they didn't have my usual brand, and spending $4-8 on an eyeliner I hadn't tested out felt too risky on my budget. If I didn't like it (and I'm picky about eyeliner consistency) - then I'd be stuck with it, because I couldn't justify buying another one right away. After a few minutes I spied a collection of eyeliner sticks in nice, rich colors in a jar on the shelf, marked Jordana Quickliner Eye $1.25/each.

My first instinct was to wonder what was wrong with it. Do they break easily? Do you have to press hard and dig at your lids to make it show up? Do they wear down fast? Will I get eyelid cancer?!

I really liked the smoky tones, so I decided I'd give it a shot. I figured for $1.25 if I didn't like it I could at least justify buying another one. But I didn't like it. I loved it. The cocoa brown was exactly right, and the texture was smooth as silk going on. That stick lasted me about three months. Since then, I've found it as low as $.99 cents and as high as $1.99.

Good stuff, good price. Done.