Stuff We Love: Gingerbread Yogis
Posted by Toni in Stuff We Love
Surely we can't be the only ones who think gingerbread consumption should be encouraged year-round. Its rich flavor is so satisfying that it's tough to over-snack on them. We also love yoga for its restorative powers and the way regular practice encourages us to slow down and be in tune with our bodies, so these cookies represent a perfect - and adorable - pairing of style and substance. Every order of gingerbread yogis comes with this yoga pose chart. How sweet is that?

We also fell hard for these plump doves and these cool camera cookies - nice inspiration for our 2010 self portraiture challenge. Visit the Baked Ideas web site for more ideas - they'll even make custom cookies of your fab figure!

Got any great finds we should know about? Tell us about them in the comments.