Stuff We Love: Frocks & Frou Frou
Posted by Tee in Plus-Size Fashion,Stuff We Love
My RSS feed is packed so full that I sit down around 7 each morning to crack open, and it's usually approaching 9 before I'm moving on. When I'm more pressed for time, I skip most of them and sail through my top 15 or so feeds - and one of those is Lilli Hingee's delightful, daily "style story," Frocks& Frou Frou.

I'm no girly-girl; you'll catch me buying dresses and jewelry and shoes about as often as you'll see Ralph Lauren sponsoring a BBW convention, but people, I admit it: Lilli's daily outfit posts give me a secret pinch of giddy girliness. I figure the step outside-of-myself is good for me, and she's so cute I can't even be mad at her for making me want to spend money on polka dots and florals and a good pair of red pumps.

Just don't tell anyone...I got a rep to protect.

And so I pass the Frocks & Frou Frou RSS torch to you, in hopes you'll get as much enjoyment out of Lilli's daily looks as I do. For an extra dose of girly goodness, you can also follow her on Twitter.