Stuff We Love: All-Natural Peanut Butter
Posted by Toni in Health + Beauty,Stuff We Love
Homemade Peanut Butter by little blue hen

We are advocates of mindful indulgence here at FGG, as our Foodie Fridays columns demonstrate. And what's more decadent than the rich, heady aroma and taste of really good peanut butter? Once relegated to lunch boxes with a dollop of Welch's grape jelly, then avoided due to its high fat content in the "lite" fad era, peanut butter is ready for - and worthy of - the spotlight on anyone's menu. All-natural and even homemade peanut butters are in vogue now, but this is a trend we heartily get behind due to the payoff in taste, texture, nutrition (great veggie protein source, no trans fats or excess sugar/salt), and satisfaction.

Tee is fond of grinding her own peanut butter at her local whole foods grocer; check to see if your natural foods store has a grinder for make-your-own peanut (and other nut) butters. I'm currently mad about Justin's Nut Butters, which don't require refrigeration like some brands and come in a variety of flavors even my picky kids will eat, like honey, maple almond, and even chocolate (a more subtle flavor than super-sweet Nutella, which goes better in desserts or over fresh fruit than as a snack or meal). My family brings Justin's generously sized individual packs, mini bagels, and apples on hikes - a satisfying snack that isn't too sugary.

For intrepid DIYers, Cuisinart makes a spice and nut grinder, but according to the recipe from little blue hen (results pictured above), you can use a food processor, too.

Tell us, girls: what do you think of natural or homemade peanut (or almond, or cashew) butters? Are these on your radar yet, or will they have to pry the Skippy, Peter Pan, or JIF from your old-skool-PB-loving fingers first?