Smart & Sexy: Knee Socks for Plus-Size Legs
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Gorgeous knit, knee socks from

It seemed like last year we could toss a rock in any direction and hit an adorable photo of someone wearing knee or thigh-high socks. Three times out of four, one of those would be either jumping socks, socks stretching far up into the air, or socks accidentally-on-purpose resting cute and nonchalant against a wall.

I admit: eventually I'd seen enough and I got curious and purchased a pair for myself. One size fits all, right? Uhh, right. They now belong to my teenage daughter.

So as fall approaches, we thought it apropos to do a mini-post on our search for fun, sexy, stripey, silly, colorful, elegant and/or dreamy knee and thigh-high socks for full-figured legs (hint: we'll be doing awesome fall boots later this week). Because we shouldn't have to cut the circulation off to our feet just to be cute and sassy. Here's what we found:

Known for its sassy plus-size styles, I wasn't at all surprised to find a fun selection of wide-calf knee socks at Torrid. Check out the neon green, the black-and-white playing card and the slouch socks. Favorites!

Just My Size
I'd love to see JMS get a little more youthful and daring, but for understated, solid-color, wide-calf knee socks, this is a nice selection.

Available in a 6-pack of solid or textured-multi options, Avenue's knee socks are affordable and come in a roomy XXL option.
These plus-size cable-knit knee socks are great for dress wear, casual wear, even under ski-boots. These + a nice fire = perfect.
One word: YUM. Delicious. Divine. Okay, that's three. But these socks were love at first sight. I was initially disappointed that I didn't find much on Etsy, but then saw these and all was right with the world again.

Lands' End
For more conservative but still girlish style aplenty, check out Lands' End's 3-pack of knee socks available in L-XL.

Lane Bryant
Knee-high hosiery style socks for business and evening wear. Like JMS, I'd like to see LB get a little bolder with its line, but these could be paired with something daring and look great.

What about you? Do you have any favorite, fat-girl-friendly knee or thigh-high socks? Let us know! Leave us a comment or, better yet, show yours off in the FGG Girls Flickr group.