Reminder: Send your favorite guys our way
Posted by Tee in FGG Guests
We've gotten several fun responses to our request for a monthly male columnist. Keep 'em coming our way! We'll make the (difficult) decision on who gets the spot on December 1, and get started shaping that column right away for its January 2010 debut. If you've already sent your email in (thank you!), we'll be responding to everyone with any questions, clarifications or request for more information a little later this month.

Here's the original post:
We’re starting a monthly column in January covering a guy’s point of view, so consider this post a call for male guest columnists. Are you a fat guy facing the same challenges as our female readers? Would you like to write about sharing your life with a plump partner? Are you a single male who prefers curvy women, and would like to talk frankly about dating and sex (no fetishists, please!) Did you once judge fat people until you fell in love with or became one yourself?

Wherever you fall along those lines, all we ask is that you’re a great storyteller, can balance candid and sometimes humorous discussion with professional, respectful content, and that you have a solid sense for your platform. If that’s you, drop us a line and tell us a little more about you and what you’d like to write about each month. We’ll select the best man for the gig on December 1 and announce it here.

Ladies, if you know a guy who’d be great as a monthly FGG columnist, send them our way!

Questions? Ask away.