Redbox Free Movie Valentine's Day Only Special!
Posted by Denise in Freebies,Womens Stuff
No doubt you've tried out your local Redbox a few times (or 1,000) already, so you already know the drill. But if you don't, it's essentially a conveniently placed movie rental service (usually in supermarkets and convenient stores -- places like that) all contained in a moderately sized red box. Genius, I know.

Usually the movies are only a loon or so a day (not counting late fees) so it's not too expensive. But again, like we say all the time, free is free. And a free movie on Valentine's Day is like a free homemade breakfast waiting for you on Christmas morning. Or something. Just enter HIGHFIVE or SWEET (it's case sensitive) as your coupon code after you've picked out your movie and you should be good to go. Just remember to return it tomorrow no matter how hungover you are.