Reasons to Eat More Alkaline Diet Food
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
Today, I want to talk about why alkaline diet food is beneficial for human health. But to understand the benefits of alkaline diet food, we first need to understand why excess acidity is harmful. A perfectly healthy human body is slightly alkaline, like the seas in which our ancient ancestors evolved. An overly acidic pH affects literally every cell and organ in your body, reducing immune function and increasing inflammation.

To help you understand the importance of pH, think of how you start feeling ill when your body temperature is just a few degrees higher or lower than normal. If your body temperature continues to go off course, the result is serious illness, or even death. Likewise, a small change in your internal pH can have a significant impact on your health, while a bigger shift can lead to severe illness.

Next, consider that the typical Western diet is heavily weighted toward acidifying foods. For example, the only alkaline ingredient in a bacon cheeseburger is the lettuce, which is hardly enough to balance out the beef, bacon, cheese, and white flour bun.

If your body had no way to cope with dietary acids, eating a fast food meal could land you in the hospital! Fortunately, your body does have several mechanisms for neutralizing and eliminating excess acid. First, it expels excess acid every time you breathe, sweat, or urinate. Second, the parathyroid releases a hormone which causes calcium and other alkalizing minerals to be withdrawn from your bones. These minerals can then be used to neutralize acids before they can damage delicate tissues.

In the long run, however, a diet loaded with acid-forming foods can easily exceed the body's ability to cope. In addition, the process of neutralizing excess acid can leave your body deficient in precious minerals. The result can be an increased risk of high blood pressure, inflammation, osteoporosis, and other diseases.

When you eat plenty of alkaline diet foods, you reduce the amount of acid in your body. You also provide your body with more alkaline minerals. The important thing is the overall balance of acidifying and alkalizing elements. Even if a few of these minerals are used to neutralize acid, there will still be plenty left over to meet your body's needs.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits of the alkaline diet for yourself, the first step is to obtain an alkaline diet food list, which explains how specific foods will affect your internal pH. Instead of eliminating all acid-forming foods from your diet, which is an impossible task, try to gradually integrate more alkaline foods into your diet. Give it a month, and you may be surprised at how good you look and feel!