Photo of the Week: You've Gotta Have Friends!
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Joyful jumping image by Midnighteskye

If we are indeed measured by the quality of our friends, I have to admit that I'm one of the luckiest women alive. Not simply because my friends are all rock stars (who happen to come in every curvy shape and size imaginable) but because various studies indicate that having friends carries myriad benefits, including helping us live happier, longer lives. Every funny text message, chat over coffee, morning walk, thoughtful item in the mail, and annual girlfriends' getaway in my life seems to reaffirm this idea.

How do you know someone is your friend? Recently, I've had talks with my middle-school-bound son, who has come to me with questions about friends and peer pressure. My short answer to him sounds much like my feelings about a life partner: you know someone is your friend because they act like a friend. It really is that simple, and the same thing goes for guys/girls who don't seem that into you--move on, because someone who is into you will be proud and happy to show it - and will do so, often. Friends who are the real deal? They leave you feeling lighter, happier, and better all around. The ones who do the opposite probably need re-categorizing.

Given the awesomeness of my gal pals, I'm planning on making it well into my 90s. How about you? What are your friends like? What's the best lesson your friends (or ex-friends) have taught you? If you're lacking in the friend department, why do you think that is - and what are you prepared to do to change that? Perhaps we can help in a future Ask FGG entry - so ask away!