Photo of the Week: Through Your Hands
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Image by A|ina

I'm not sure, but this may be the most adorable image in our FGG Girls Flickr group to date. But "adorable" doesn't quite cover it: I love the sass and sensuality depicted here, the confident curves, and the bright pop of coral color. This photo is also a great example of how to craft a fun, sexy self portrait that tells a story while leaving an element of mystery: what expression is she wearing, and what lucky person gets to lick that spoon? Next time you take a self portrait (if you've never taken one, what are you waiting for?) find a way to incorporate some of these elements and see your curves in a new light. For inspiration, there are plenty of great examples in our FGG Girls Flickr group.

Chicago photographer and artist Alina Smith, the subject of this week's self portrait, is a good friend and a regular FGG reader. When she's not taking lovely self portraits, she creates fine art images for clients using film and a variety of photographic processes. As with baking cookies on a winter afternoon, there's something uniquely satisfying about creating things by hand. Smith takes her creativity a step further by exploring media and photographic processes that are falling out of favor, as others are doing through the resurgence in popularity of Polaroid and Lomo cameras. (Check out this gorgeous collection of Polaroid photos, "For the Love of Polaroid"  by another friend and FGG reader, Bonnie Underwood).

A few years ago, I started baking cakes from scratch for my husband's birthday, but in recent years I haven't taken the time. I miss getting "into the zone" while working with my hands to create something I simply can't get at the grocery store. And while it's hardly a lost art, I'd also like to finally start a vegetable garden this year, including asparagus, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, and fresh greens using heirloom seeds where possible - just like I did with my father and he did with his mother. One of our missions here at FGG is to encourage everyone - ourselves included - to live our lives to the fullest, and that includes periodically stepping up and snatching items off that "someday" list.

I'm going to pull gardening and baking for special occasions into my here and now. What about you? As the hours of  daylight slowly lengthen and we can almost sense those first whispers of spring's arrival, what can you uncover, create and put out there into the world using your own two hands? Share your ideas and projects in the comments section.