Photo of the Week: The Female Form
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Plush Series by zerbetron

Regular FGG readers know we're fans of self portraiture as a form of creative expression that can often guide us toward self acceptance. Loving our physical selves isn't just an issue for fat girls, but let's face it: most of us grew up surrounded by a distinctly different female ideal than what we see in our lives or in the mirror each day. In fact, it's tough to find a television series or movie featuring overweight or even simply curvy characters who aren't wise crackers, buffoons, or villains. Notable exceptions: Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls, Lt. Anita Van Buren from Law and Order, and Medium's Alison DuBois--can you name any others?

That's why we're always excited to see someone celebrating her curvy self, as so many of you do in our FGG Girls Flickr group. Perhaps if enough of us do this, the idea will catch on that every woman's beauty is unique and worthy of appreciation - regardless of her dress size.

In what ways can you celebrate your distinctive physical self? Share your ideas in the comments and in the FGG Girls Flickr group. In addition to daily self portrait project I'm doing this year, I've started wearing tops that accentuate my lovely waist, and I've also started buying scented bath and shower products as a way of being sweet to the skin I'm in. What about you?