Photo of the Week: Read Any Good Books Lately?
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Image by thewaltonsare

In my part of the world, winter is begrudgingly giving way to spring, and I know some of you readers on the other side of the globe are about to ease into autumn. Whether your days are getting shorter and colder or longer but cloudy and rainy, this is a great time of year to don some comfy clothes, grab a hot beverage, and dive into a captivating read.

Since my mom brought home my first Nancy Drew novel, I've been a fan of mysteries and just recently devoured Laura Caldwell's Red Hot Lies, a zippy and entertaining, but meaty enough to feel plausible novel set in my favorite city, Chicago. The absolute very best book I've read in years was Tana French's In the Woods, also a crime novel but it's a true genre buster set in Dublin and written in a deliciously lovely voice. I recommend it to anyone who loves great storytelling, regardless of genre. I also enjoy travelogues, especially funny ones like Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. Tide, Feather, Snow by Miranda Weiss was a lovely book about life in Alaska, and I got a kick out of Street Without A Name by Kapka Kassabova, the author's tales of growing up in Communist Bulgaria, which was as fascinating and witty as it was poignant and sad.

What about you, girls? Have you read anything you simply couldn't put down recently? We're always looking for great titles related to body image and self love, but whatever you'd like to share from your recent reads, post them in the comments.