Photo of the Week: "If you've got it..."
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from CurvyAmazon

FGG Girls' Flick group newcomer CurvyAmazon gets bold and playful with some hot pink for an 80's themed birthday party – demonstrating that theme parties can be a great way to experiment with fun, attention-getting outfits you probably wouldn't be caught wearing in public any other time. It's as though just the idea of a party gives us permission to be sexy, free-spirited beings, vs. feeling like we ought to cover up and spare ourselves and everyone else the sight of our curves.

While we'd love to get the whole plus-size community out from under that presumption, if a theme party is what it takes right now to have some fun with fashion, go for it! And if you can't find one to hit with your bad, newly liberated self...why not throw one? Valentine's Day is just around the corner; invite your 50 closest friends and require that everybody wear red. Then get creative!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos this month! Our group is growing and we love seeing your faces over there. If  you haven't joined already, get on over there.

And finally, congratulations to MidnighteSkye for winning this month's photo challenge with her January 10 Photo of the Week, "Make a Statement." Nice shot! Send your mailing address to [email protected] and we'll send off your prize!

And thanks to everyone who's participated in our photo challenges each month since we launched last summer. We'll continue to do a Photo of the Week each Monday beginning this week (vs. Sunday), but we'll no longer be choosing one monthly "winner" from those. We love all the photos you're adding to our Flickr group, so keep 'em coming!