Photo of the Week: I Am . . .
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
I am . . . tired by thewaltonsare

As a writer with a strong visual side, I'm often drawn to images paired with words, provided they don't unintentionally veer into SNL parody territory. This week's photo, plucked from the talented pool of our FGG Girls Flickr Group, hit the mark perfectly: it's lovely, compelling, and I think we can all relate to the feelings expressed here, including the part about being tired! (For some quick pick-me-ups, check out our Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero).

I strongly believe that the labels we bestow upon ourselves are powerful - whether they're pragmatic, positive, or negative. Self-talk runs deep, girls: If we tell ourselves we're unlovable or unworthy or unsuccessful or unlikely to--whatever, really--we'll probably prove ourselves right. Conversely, if we tell ourselves we're adorable and lovable and deserving of happiness, I guarantee you we'll be more likely to find those qualities reflecting back to us. No, whispering nice things to ourselves is not a magic cure-all, and yes, elbow grease is necessary to bring our affirmations to life. But if our labels are bringing us down or no longer serving us, perhaps it's time to write some new ones and try viewing ourselves in new ways.

How about you, girls? What words would you post beside your own self portrait? Are they descriptive of your roles in life, or do they capture your physical or emotional traits instead? Are there any new ones you could add or old ones that no longer fit (kind of like that skort you just found in your summer clothes bin)? Share your thoughts on self-talk and labels in comments. And if you decide to make your own self-portrait (our Guide to Sexy Self-Portraits contains tips for great selfies of any type) accompanied by words, be sure to share it in our FGG Girls Flickr group!