Photo of the Week: Cute Cupcakes!
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Image by Happywalks

Michelle has tempted us with mini muffins and cupcakes in the past, and this week's photo reveals how sweet it is to downsize our favorite treats (in this case, red velvet cupcakes). I love Regina's joyful smile here, and her adorable kitchen!

Our FGG Girls Flickr group is growing every week, with amazing images of women sharing their lives, personalities, and curves.

You don't have to be a professional or even advanced amateur photographer to join - just take photos of yourself truly living. That's it. Show us your favorite hobbies, new fall sweater, or that cute haircut and color (ahem, Tee!). We started this group as an outlet for us fat girls to see ourselves in a kinder light and appreciate just how fun, adorable and sexy we can be. And even if you're not feeling particularly fun, adorable, or sexy, give it a shot anyway - you may surprise yourself.

Each week we select one photo from our group as the FGG Photo of the Week. At month's end, we pick one photo from those weekly entries to win a prize. This month's theme is COOKING, which should be easy enough to capture in the next two weeks.

So if you havenít already, join the fun! We look forward to seeing how you're living.