Photo of the Week: A Soft Place to Land
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Photo by {Pauly}

I really enjoy the raw honesty and natural beauty in {Pauly}'s self portraits on flickr. It takes a certain amount of bravery to be open and real in front of the entire Internet, let alone to do so every day for a year. When this photo landed in the FGG Girls flickr pool, I kept returning to it. I think there's a vulnerability and openness there that we can all relate to - and that perhaps we wish we could reveal more often ourselves.

Are you the fat girl who's quick to crack a joke or make a self-deprecating remark before someone else zings you first? Are you "large and in charge" in order to avoid being perceived as lazy or weak, when inside what you really want is to let someone else take the reins once in a while? Perhaps you're the type to hide or turn your head when someone points a camera lens your way? Maybe none those issues affect you, but you'd still like to explore ways in which you can be soft and real while still feeling safe. In the bathroom mirror, or with a trusted friend (how about in a bathroom mirror with a really trusted friend), or perhaps in a series of self portraits, like one FGG Girls flickr group member who is doing a series of weekly self portraits as a way of getting reacquainted with herself.

When, why, and how do you allow yourself to feel vulnerable or to be your true self? Tell us in the comments section, and if you decide to edge out of your protective zone - even if just a little bit - in this regard, come back and let us know!