Fix weak ankles with basic exercises you can do anywhere
I've gained about 60 pounds over the last 10 years, and it seems like my ankles are shot from carrying the extra weight. They twist and sprain easily, and get sore when I take longer walks. Are there any ankle treatments or exercises that will help?"

Image by Alexander Drachmann

In last week's "Ask FGG," Tee tackled a reader question about where to find form-fitting, plus-size pants.  We were psyched to get several helpful reader comments, and the question invoked the vital and unique community we've been building.

More, please.

What other burning questions can we (and our
New shoes by frageelay

Happy Birthday to FGG Editor, Toni, pictured above with her new fall shoes.

Today wraps up our All About Fall Flickr portrait contest, and Toni and I are pleased to announce that October's winner is Playing in the Leaves from happywalks. Congratulations, Regina! Head on over to Lonna's
The mellow, warm color of pumpkins signals to me that fall is in full swing. This time of year, pumpkins are everywhere, from pumpkin patches, pumpkins on front steps, pumpkins in loaves, muffins and pies, and pumpkins carved and flickering in the night. However, for years - and much to the dismay of my husband
The gorgeous Dyanna on Flickr

Last week we poked around in the married sex lives of FGG's editors to offer advice on keeping the fire lit down below after you've been married for awhile, post-childbearing belly and all. And while lots of advice on married and single sex can certainly be interchangeable, both
A guest post by Kira Nerusskaya

Hello, fellow fat girls!

My name is Kira Nerusskaya, and I am a fat girl with a dream. A dream so simple, that it seems completely reckless and ridiculous: I would like people of all sizes to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. We seem to feel our
2009 Love Your Body poster contest winner

Artistically-inclined FGG readers, take note: the NOW Foundation is sponsoring a poster design contest for its 2010 Love Your Body Day event. Here's your opportunity to lend your talent to the international campaign for real beauty! Check out the poster design guidelines here.

We'd love to see
White Stag Woman "Stretch", size 22 average
I'm a size 20 with a lot of junk in the trunk, so to speak, and a post-baby belly, but my waist in back curves in a little bit. Pants that fit my hips, belly and butt well end up gaping in the back at the waistline. Do
Playing in the leaves, from happywalks

This is one of my favorite parts of fall - the blankets of leaves swirling at my feet and hugging the ground. I especially love when they start getting tinges of frost in the mornings. It's not that far off here in the northern Nevada foothills.

We've got one
It's no secret that adding whole grains to our diets is important. But did you know that you can also work them into your baked goods? Oh yes... and no one will even notice. The secret to putting a healthy spin on even your most guilty pleasures is simple: white whole wheat flour (my personal