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If you haven't been by the FGG Girls Flickr group lately, come check out the growing collection of lovely portraits and self-portraits we've got from our awesome readers.

Never been? Need a refresher? Our Flickr group is a gathering spot where women who are overweight are encouraged to post photos of themselves living.
Some days you just have to celebrate. If you don't have a reason, find one because life's too short!

Cake is always a good way to celebrate and you don't have to have a boxed mix in your pantry to make one. Before you click away because cakes made from scratch are too much work, please
Maternity, by {*Sue*}

Bumps. Bellies. Miracles. Bundles of joy. Being pregnant is an open invitation for all of the sweet and adorable baby and belly-related lexicon a girl can handle. Unfortunately it can also bring on panic and negative self-talk when we're already battling body image. Cute belly descriptives suddenly become caustic as we
Me, on a good day.

We've noticed via Twitter and blogs that a few of our readers (and one of our own, who shall remain nameless) are going through the fall doldrums this week, and since it's hump day and plenty of us are dragging through that, too, we thought we'd post a little challenge to
I wonder how my maternal ancestors solved this problem.

Here's a recent question from one of our readers:

Whatís the best way to prevent your thighs from rubbing raw when youíre wearing a skirt or dress? I have a pair of Spanx, which are alright but they tend to roll down on me.

I think there
Image by LaPrimaDonna

We're starting a monthly column in January covering a guy's point of view, so consider this post a call for male guest columnists. Are you a fat guy facing the same challenges as our female readers? Would you like to write about sharing your life with a plump partner?
Image by Betsssssy

Welcome to November! Because we don't yet have any entries for this month's photo challenge (theme: COOKING), I combed flickr in search of a self portrait that would inspire our readers. I also decided what to have for lunch: a sandwich loaded with fresh veggies!

If you'd like a chance
Mini muffins. They're fun, they're bite-size, and they're portion controlled... what's not to love here? I recently dug up this recipe to bring to work for a friend's birthday after remembering that she loved a similar version from one of the large coffee shop chains. The upside of doing them homemade vs. store-bought is you
Yes, you can hike when it's cold. It's all about the gear, baby!

As fall color reaches its peak in northern climates, it's easy to forget that we're about to hit that lull before winter makes its frosty self comfortable. For many of us, that might mean heading indoors to work out, but I'd like to
Jenny and fellow actor, Ben, during a show. Photo by Ron Zambor.

Greetings from LaLa Land,

Iím a working actor right now, which is awesome and amazing - I know how lucky I am and relish the work, and the great cast and people I get to work with.

A couple of weeks ago one of my fellow