What is an acidic food? The answer is more complicated than one would initially think. Some people want to avoid acidic foods because they are following the alkaline diet. Others avoid these foods because they suffer from heartburn or acid reflux (GERD).

But whatever their motivation, people often become hopelessly confused because they fail to

Are you confused about what is involved in alkaline diets? Then you are certainly not alone, because many people are eager to discover more about this healthy nutrition regimen, but they just are not sure where to begin finding out the real facts. Here is a guide that will help you learn the truth about

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Knowing how to create great meals on the alkaline diet plan requires knowing where to find tasty alkaline recipes. The alkaline diet program has an extensive selection of foods from which to choose and with the right alkaline recipes you can concoct some delicious and healthy dishes that will satisfy the palate of any

Don't try this at home. But do try some of these recipes.

It all started on Facebook, when an acquaintance mentioned making the shrimp-stuffed poblanos recipe in the latest issue of Cooking Light for dinner. I was entering my grocery list onto my iPhone and added "Cooking Light," since I've
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It is becoming more widely recognized that a pH balance diet can have a positive effect on people of all ages. Researchers have begun to study the way certain foods affect the body and not surprisingly they have discovered that alkaline foods are much better than those that are more acidic in nature. The

The acid alkaline balance diet is also known as the acid alkaline diet, or simply the alkaline diet. Whatever you call it, it's one of the most promising nutritional approaches for losing weight, boosting energy, and resolving many common health problems.

The theory behind the acid alkaline balance diet starts with the fact that

Do you have questions about the alkaline diet? You've come to the right place. The following list of frequently asked questions explains the scientific background of the alkaline diet, how foods affect your body's acid-alkaline balance, and other aspects. It also includes extensive lists of popular and scientific works about the alkaline diet.


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