the weigh-in by I Don't Know, Maybe?
Dear FGG: Are there any bathroom scales that are better for us big girls?"

Yes! If you caught the recent press onslaught for the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, which now provides users the option of broadcasting their stats via Twitter, your response may well
Joyful jumping image by Midnighteskye

If we are indeed measured by the quality of our friends, I have to admit that I'm one of the luckiest women alive. Not simply because my friends are all rock stars (who happen to come in every curvy shape and size imaginable) but because various [...]
Have you tried spaghetti squash? It's an amazing vegetable whose meat, when cooked, separates into little strands that resemble spaghetti noodles. It's wonderfully easy to cook (just split, seed, microwave, and comb out the "noodles"), and its light flavor can be paired with everything from your standard red sauce to a vibrant pesto to a
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Seasonal transitions can make heading outdoors to walk or hike downright intimidating: What if it rains? What do I do about mud puddles on the trail? How did I get roped into doing this 5K walk in the park for charity? What's this snow doing here--I thought it was
I’m a Compulsive Overeater.

People who meet me are taken aback if I mention that I am – present tense – a compulsive overeater. “But you’re not fat!” they protest. Yeah, and Joe the alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in twenty years isn’t drunk, but he’s still an alcoholic. My last eating binge was twenty-six
Someone at FGG may have a slight addiction to Gilligan & O'Malley PJs

A recent Ask FGG covered plus size lingerie, and this week, we're tackling a related reader question:
I'm a size 22 and need to find some cute PJs that don't cost a fortune or look like something my granny would wear. Help!

I am . . . tired by thewaltonsare

As a writer with a strong visual side, I'm often drawn to images paired with words, provided they don't unintentionally veer into SNL parody territory. This week's photo, plucked from the talented pool of our FGG Girls Flickr Group, hit
After a week of coffee-and-granola-bar breakfasts, I'm dreaming of spending Sunday morning languishing in bed for as long as possible, only heading to the kitchen when hunger calls to prepare these amazing Whole-Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes. We discovered this recipe one weekend after debating the nutritional merits of pancakes and trying to justify a high-calorie, carb-heavy
super gurrl by JamieBates

We've all been there: Saturday morning's long, impatient to-do list competes with the more compelling siren song of a warm blanket and a good book. Or a jam-packed day at the office - complete with a two-hour lunch delay to solve the latest crisis - burns this morning's
The cautionary tale of Wounded soldier by twodolla

As my college friends gathered this weekend to help celebrate my birthday (thanks again, guys!), we excitedly planned our get-togethers for the next several months: Birthdays. Weddings and babies. Pool parties. Camping. All of this outdoor fun brought to mind an age-old fat girl