New feature: Ask FGG
Posted by Tee in Ask FGG
Tuesdays have typically been quiet around here, but that's a-changin. Beginning next week we'll feature Ask FGG every Tuesday -- wherein Toni and I will don our bright red 2x SuperGirl capes and answer your tough questions. What's the best sports bra for large chests? How do I balance my body on a surfboard? How do I shave *down there* if I can't even see down there?

If your question is food or cooking related, we'll pass it on to our resident foodie, Michelle, for her input. And if your question stumps all of us, we'll turn to the experts and interview people in the know so that we all can be, too.

So let us have it: what's your question? Send them on over to [email protected] (worry not: all questions will be anonymous) and we'll be back next Tuesday with our first official edition of Ask FGG.

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