Mid-Week Mini Challenge: Color
Posted by Toni in Fun Stuff
Once upon a time, I was shy about wearing knee socks

While we're lucky enough to have readers around the globe, it's cold and gray where I live in the midwestern U.S. While I love winter, once the snow disappears and the sun goes into hiding for days on end, I start hankering for color. As a treat,  I bought some new nail polish in a shade I never wear: pearly pink. I couldn't stop peeking at my beautiful toes - that one tiny choice just lit up my whole weekend, and I got such a thrill from stepping outside of my tried and true, earthy matte palette.

That's where the challenge comes in: try on a new color you never wear, whether in your hair, on your nails, or in your wardrobe. Maybe you'll find some tights or shoes in an awesome new color. Perhaps it's time to hit the salon to finally add that vibrant red or funky purple to your hair. Maybe that tattoo you've been wanting for years is in order, or you can play around in photo editing software to give yourself a new eye color. Post a link to a photo (or add it to our FGG Girls Flickr Group and link to it from there), and tell us about your adventure with a new-to-you color. We'll pick the challenger who steps the furthest outside of her comfort zone to win a prize.