Mid-Week Mini Challenge
Posted by Tee in Fun Stuff,Loving Our Bodies
My self-portrait project was both scary and liberating

Can you tell we love to see your self portraits? We're always elbowing you to get in on the FGG Girls Flickr group, and now we're willing to materially reward you for it. That's because we know how powerful a self-portrait series can be...especially when grappling with body image.

So I'll get right down to it. This week's mid-week mini challenge is:

Join a Flickr self-portrait project group like 52 Weeks or 365 Days, upload your first self-portrait, then commit to at least one self-portrait each week for a year.

When you've joined the group and added your photo (which should be taken just for this project), come back here and link to that photo in comments. You'll be entered to win the mini-challenge mystery prize, and we'll choose a winner at random on December 31. As for the rest of next year,'ll just have to be on the honor system to stick with it.

Deadline: 11:59 pm (PST) December 30, 2009. Edit: We've extended the challenge till the end of the first day of 2010 (11:59 pm PST on January 1, 2009)! Post links to your first 365 Days or 52 Weeks images in the comments either in this post or here.