Low-Acidic Food
Posted by Jordan in Acidic Food
A low acidic food diet, sometimes known alternatively as the acid alkaline diet, or just the alkaline diet, is a superb nutritionally based vehicle to help you shed those unwanted pounds, boost your energy, and assist in remedying a variety of common health issues.

But why a low acidic food diet, I hear you say; what is the purpose behind it? Well, in the first place, the natural state of the human body is an alkaline state. Our blood, for example, is slightly alkaline, and has a normal pH of between 7.35 and 7.45. Our other body fluids vary in their pH, but in overall terms, the human body is slightly alkaline.

In terms of the foods that we consume, they all create acid or alkaline compounds once our body systems have digested them. It is only the fact that our bodies have natural inbuilt mechanisms for maintaining some sort of balance between alkaline and acid levels that prevents us from becoming severely ill and ultimately dying. These inbuilt body systems help us to neutralize excess acids by utilizing our bodies' elemental reserves of magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

If your diet contains too much acidic food, your body will begin to accumulate excess levels of acid. This brings your body's natural defenses to bear, but at the same time causing a depletion of those vital alkalizing elements. The prolonged intake of excess acid will eventually result in illness: (a) because those natural alkalizing elements are being depleted, and (b) because the actual acid itself causes any number of health problems, including tiredness or fatigue, inflammation, and the lowering of the body's natural immune system which opens the door for a host of illnesses and infections to befall us.

By choosing to go on an alkaline diet, you will be lowering the amount of acid that you would otherwise introduce into your body. You will feel more energetic; your calcium levels and therefore your bone integrity will be improved; and you will be partaking in a naturally healthy and well-balanced diet that will promote weight loss.

So what do we mean when we talk about low-acidic food? Well, before we go too far in that direction, let's first state that you do need to maintain a healthy balance between your body alkaline and acid content. Too much alkalinity can be as unhealthy as too much acid. The key is in attaining the correct balance levels.

The foods that generate the most acidity in our diets are meat and poultry, fish and seafood, most dairy products, eggs, most varieties of legumes and grains, iodized salt, sugar and sweeteners, (including artificial sweeteners), beverages that contain added sugar, and alcohol.

On the other hand, alkalizing foods include most fruits and vegetables, many nuts and seeds, some whole grains, lentils, and some beverages. Our ancient ancestors ate an alkaline diet. This is because the foods that they ate were entirely fresh, whole, and were entirely unprocessed.

An alkaline diet is not a diet in the traditional "weight loss" sense of the word, but it is a diet in the sense of cataloging what you should eat. However, when you stop to analyze the foods that are alkaline producing, it is amazing how closely they mirror traditional low calorie diets foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. One thing is a fact: An alkaline diet will not only result in a healthier body, it will also help you to achieve lasting weight loss.