List of Alkaline and Acidic Foods
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Food

A list of alkaline and acidic foods is indispensable for anyone who wants to follow the alkaline diet. This makes sense, right? After all, the basic idea behind the alkaline diet is to eat more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones. Unfortunately, it's harder than you might expect to find a truly useful list of alkaline and acidic foods on the Internet.

As you start looking around, you quickly discover that most of the available lists suffer from three basic problems:

The first problem is that many lists of alkaline and acidic foods are far from complete. Now, you're probably not too disappointed if the list to which you are referring doesn't include every single food in existence. the people who compile these lists are only human, after all, and they can't be expected to know However every last food will affect your acid-alkaline balance. But it does seem reasonable to expect common foods to be included, such as cows milk, rice, and yogurt. When even these common foods are missing, the list becomes pretty much unusable.

The second problem is that many of these lists are behind the times. They seem to have been created by people who are unaware that the science behind the alkaline diet has changed rapidly in the past 20 years. some so-called authorities make their recommendations on the basis of personal opinions, or references that may have been state-of-the-art in 1970, but which have been superseded by more accurate research.

The third problem is that the average acid and alkaline food list is not convenient for daily use. These lists are often so long and poorly formatted that when you print them out, you end up using 50 sheets of paper and half your printer's ink cartridge. What you really want is a convenient, one-page chart that tells you at a glance how the foods you eat every day affect your internal pH.

Introducing the Ultimate Acid Alkaline Food Chart

After suffering from these frustrations myself, I decided to do something about it. I gathered the latest research, then summarized it into a colorful chart that shows at a glance how 127 common foods affect your body's pH balance. With my color-coded star rating system, you'll be able to tell instantly whether a certain food is something you should eat more of, or whether it's something to avoid. Best of all, this chart is a free download from