Is This Real Life? A Song of Ice and Fire Four Book Set Just $19.93 Plus FREE Shipping!
Posted by Denise in Deals,Womens Stuff
Yes, you read that right. And if you read that and didn't really know what to feel since you have no idea of any songs of ice nor fire, then you should be even more excited. Even for anyone who doesn't really like epic/high fantasy fiction, kindly allow me to describe the Song of Ice and Fire series as essentially, "The Sopranos in medieval times with dragons and a sprinkling of magic." Yeah, are you drooling yet? It's an absolutely amazing book series -- so good, in fact, that they've already produced the first two seasons (pertaining to the story arcs in the first two books) of an HBO series and are about to premier the third. With this package you're getting all but one of the books in the series that have been written so far (there's still two on the way to complete the... whatever-you-call-a-trifecta-for-7). It's really an amazing deal and one that we should all express an overwhelming amount of gratitude to the good folks over at

If ever you rolled the dice on a suggestion I made on here, please, please, please give these books a shot. Just remember to come back and thank me whilst weeping from an overwhelming sense of happiness later. Enjoy!