Ask FGG: Who makes the best plus-size sports bra?

13 Jul 09 - Ask FGG - Tee - 8 Comments

“I have always been extremely broad shouldered and chesty.  Because of this it has made it difficult for me to find exercise bras that fit.  Who makes the best “plus-sized” sports bra?” - Angie in Alaska

If you’ve got a favorite plus-size sports bra, share it with us in comments! Have a question of your own? Send it to us at and we’ll post it for FGG readers to chime in on.

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Mary Ann says:

Definitely Enell. I love, love, love mine. I am very active and it holds the girls in place better than any sports bra I’ve ever had. Even if you aren’t plus sized, but bigger on top, they’re still great. I’m a 38D, but Enell can be found in all sizes.

I also had a Maia bra from Moving Comfort, which I loved. I love my Enell though.

Mary says:

I recently ordered an Enell and am thrilled with it. I have a hard time ordering bras without trying them on, but I followed their measuring directions carefully and am very happy. Those girls aren’t going ANYwhere.

Angie M. says:

In my search the Enell did come highly recommended by friends. As did the Last Resort Bra from Title Nine.

Angie M. says:

After I posted this question I did actually end up finding one locally which surprised me. I was all set to order the Enell which comes highly recommended when I came across the Moving Comfort Maia Sports Bra at the local REI. I decided to try it and I have been hooked ever since. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t give the uniboob look. In fact it gives great lift. I wouldn’t work out without it.

In my search the Enell did come highly recommended by friends. As did the

dawn says:

Enell. I’ve run the gamut from a 40D to a 48H and Enell has always provided comfortable, all over support.
I use it when I do yoga, on the elliptical , lifting weights, playing soccer…if I’m active, the Ennell is on. It does give a uniboob…but more importantly it keeps them stable and still – which is more important to me than two distinct boobs. Plus, I no longer have two wear multiple sports bras to the gym.

I found Enell through I really like that site becuase it has a good selection of plus-size sports bras and has a tool that helps you select a bra based on your activity level.

Good luck!

Sarah says:

The Elomi Energise is seriously the best.

No uniboob and I can wear it as an actual bra when I run low.

Valerie says:

I purchased my Enell sport bra aftering hearing Oprah recommend it! The “girls” won’t be going anywhere in this wonderful bra. I am a 44DDD, and I love it! I purchased the Hope from Two Roads Fitness:, owner; Patty, will donate $6 to fight breast cancer, from every Hope bra sold. A personalized receipt, and a mint, will accompany your order!