Get Your Printable Bath & Body Works Coupons Right Here!
Posted by Denise in Coupons,Womens Stuff
So yeah, speaking of printable coupons for body creams, waxes and other goodies, we're all most pleased to inform you all that we've got an even better (like much, MUCH better) such coupon for you. And it's for Bath & Body Works to boot! (I know, that place is just so awesomely serene, isn't it?!)

Specifically, the coupon lets you choose and purchase any body lotion, cream or butter (unsurprisingly, the Forever Red Collection is indeed excluded from this coupon) for a mere $6. Yes, seriously! Finally, an excuse to go and spend entirely-too-long whilst wearing a shit-eating grin on your face to Bath & Body Works. Have fun!