From the reader comment bag
Posted by Tee in Fun Stuff
We liked this comment from Heidi so much, we decided to pull it out and show it off. In response to a recent FGG Photo of the Week on Courage, Heidi had this to say:
The day you posted this, I was on a 3 day 2 night 8 mile backpacking trip. My first ever. I almost backed out, thinking ďgads Iím too out of shape and too fat to do this.Ē Fearing things like being too slow, or the hip belt of the pack not fitting around my waist almost got me. But I decided that if I was going to experience the beautiful scenery I had to ignore the fears and just do it. What was the worst that could happen, a few strangers get annoyed with me for 10 minutes because we had to stop so I could catch my breath? Hell that happens to me if Iím backpacking or not, so, I went. And it was amazing. I learned so much about plant life, how to use a compass, water purification, how to so *so* many cool things that I never would have learned had I backed down and given in to my fat fears. Even though it kicked my ass, and I donít think Iíd go on and 8 mile hike next time, Iím SO happy that I went, and donít regret a second of it.

(I also learned that 3 of the other forest service workers who were teaching us all of the cool stuff, who were actually on the thin side, got their asses kicked by parts of the hike. It was an equalizing realization for me)"

Bravo, Heidi! And thanks for sharing your experience with us.