Foodie Fridays: Versatile Turkey Meatballs
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Versatility. Who doesn't love an easy go-to recipe that can morph into multiple other applications? When life is crazy-busy, there's just nothing better. This is one of those recipes.

Lean ground turkey is certainly an easy way to lighten up meatballs, but I can promise that these turkey meatballs are so tasty that you won't even notice. We eat them most often with spaghetti, but you can easily insert them into an almost endless number of other recipes... Swedish meatballs over egg noodles, sweet & sour or bbq meatball appetizers, meatball subs with lots of marinara and gooey cheese. Bonus? You can also take a few extra minutes, double the recipe and freeze half (cooked or uncooked) for later use. Perfect for impromptu guests or especially hectic days as we head into the holiday season!

Turkey Meatballs
1/2 cup plain dried bread crumbs
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
2 tablespoons milk
3/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 pound lean, ground turkey
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

In a large bowl, combine bread crumbs, eggs, milk, parmesan and seasonings. Add turkey and mix well. Shape into tablespoon-sized balls.

In a large skillet heat the oil over medium high heat. When oil just begins to smoke, add meatballs. Allow to brown without moving for 2-3 minutes. Turn meatballs to brown on the other side and then continue to shake in the pan until golden brown, about 6-8 minutes.

Yield: 26-28 meatballs

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