Foodie Fridays: The Mighty Mojito
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Friday... oh, how I've missed you. You should really come around more often.

Tonight, I will celebrate the end of another week by letting my blender take center stage in the kitchen. The blender is a constant source of happiness for me in the summer... churning out cold, slushy concoctions that are perfect for battling the incessant heat and humidity. Add in a shot of alcohol and I'm a happy girl.

Since we grow a little container of mint every summer (at least for as long as my black thumb can keep it alive), the frozen mojito is a favorite in our house. We got this recipe from the infamous Pool Bar Jim and it never disappoints. Cool, crisp and refreshing, this is truly one of my favorite summer drinks.

Now... before I share the recipe, I've got two questions for you, dear FGG readers:

What's your favorite summer drink (with or without alcohol)? And, since we want you to come back here for foodie inspiration every week, what kinds of foods/recipes would you like to see in future installments of Foodie Fridays?

Let the weekend begin!

Frozen Mojito
(recipe courtesy of the amazing PBJ)
3 ounces light rum
5-10 fresh mint leaves
1 ounce lime juice
2 tablespoons sugar
ice cubes*
1 ounce club soda

Place rum, mint leaves and lime juice in a mixing glass and muddle (bruise the mint leaves to allow them to release their oils). Strain the mixture; place the liquid into the blender and discard the muddled mint leaves. Add the sugar and enough ice to cover the contents of the blender. Blend until smooth. Add club soda and pulse several times to blend. Pour into a serving glass and garnish with mint sprig.

*Let your ice stand at room temperature for 15-20 minutes to let is melt just a little. This will help it to break down better in your blender.

Yield: 1 mojito

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