FGG Survey: What's the hardest part of living as an overweight woman?
Posted by Tee in Pulse of Fat Culture
One of the features we'd like to have at FGG is an occasional round-up of the thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences in the greater plus-size community - from what workout bra you love most to your favorite pasta recipe to your best vacation ever to what you want for Christmas.

This weekend, for our inaugural round-up, we tapped the Twitter community for thoughts on the difficulties associated with being an overweight woman. Here's what you had to say:

@jaggedraven It's having my body slow me down. I'm not as strong or fast or have as much endurance as my mind and my spirit demand.

@janelle0511 having to shop at a limited amount of stores!

@shaydiggs being invisible

@PatBarone For me, it was being ignored. Many people look right through you when you're fat, as if you don't exist at all.

@wwlifer Having people think I'm lazy.

@hittingtheroad For me, it's that I can't move around gracefully. While shooting a show last Fri, I had to crawl instead of squat & wriggle.

@NaturallyMe09 finding cute, affordable swimwear.

@ZooColony Being uncomfortable in my clothes, having to shop in a different section and the size of the seats in public places.

@thecurvystylist The hardest part is the misleading messages in the media saying fat girls should feel bad about themselves/can't enjoy life.

@NoPants_McGee Clothes! Ugly, ill fitting, poor materials, expensive and impossible to find.

@tiffy315 the hardest thing about being overweight? trying to overcome it...

@SharBoogie being able to shop for clothes that fit ur age

What about you? Let us know in comments what you feel is the hardest part for you about living as an overweight woman? Most importantly, while we're working on improving our health, how can we help each other with the uncomfortable symptoms of being a "fat girl?"