FGG Photo of the Week: Play!
Posted by Tee in Photo of the Week
The adorable Tori steals the show in this image, but it's the unabashed playfulness on the faces of Kate and Cecily that makes it the perfect choice for this week's photo. As someone who's always been uncomfortable in front of a camera, these three ladies show a girl how it's done.

Photo Challenge
Beginning with next Sunday's photo, we'll be hosting a contest each month for winners of our weekly photos. We'll post our weekly photo challenge, and if you accept, you'll add your photo to our FGG Girls Flickr group. Each week, Toni and I will select a photo-of-the-week, and then at the end of each month we'll draw a prize winner of those. Next week's prize: an awesome book thong of your choice from Lonna's Book Bangles (an Etsy shop).

This week's challenge:

Summer's End

Post a photo of yourself, taken by you or someone else, enjoying the last vestiges of summer before the cooler weather arrives. Water sports, cookouts, lounging in the sun, al fresco name it! If it involves you, fun and the last days of warm weather, it qualifies.

Ready? Upload it here. We'll pick next week's winner at 9am PST Sunday, Oct 4.