FGG Photo of the Week: Farewell to Summer
Posted by Toni in Photo of the Week
Into the Ocean, by Cat804

Join Our Photo Challenge!

Beginning this month, we’ll be hosting a contest each month for winners of our weekly photos. We’ll post our weekly photo challenge, and if you accept, you’ll add your photo to our FGG Girls Flickr group. Each week, Tee and I will select a photo-of-the-week, and then at the end of each month, we’ll draw a prize winner from those. October's prize: an awesome book thong of your choice from Lonna’s Book Bangles (an Etsy shop). These as cute as they are practical, and Tee and I use them to feed our reading addictions.

Last week, Tee asked readers to share an image that evokes the end of summer. And while nobody has answered the call (sob!), we plucked this image by from the FGG Girls Flickr Group because the soft light gives it a vintage feel while also nicely evoking the waning days of summer.

There's still time to join our photo challenge! We're making the theme a monthly challenge - and starting with this week, it's all about fall in October. There are so many directions you can go with this theme: raking leaves (or jumping into a big pile of them), lining up pumpkins or Halloween luminaria, or self portraits of you looking adorable in cozy jackets, boots, and knee high socks. If you're camera shy and/or would like to see examples or hear suggestions, ask us in the comments section.